The purpose of the Nashville VOAD is to strengthen area-wide disaster coordination and preparedness and engaging in joint planning, education, and training.

General Questions

What is a VOAD?
What is the goal of the Nashville VOAD?
What is the Nashville VOAD Emergency Management Cycle?
Why is the Nashville VOAD beneficial to our communities?
What resources does Nashville VOAD provide?
What is the relationship between the city and VOAD when it comes to disaster response?
I'm a member of the community, how can I get involved in the Nashville VOAD?
Can I donate to Nashville VOAD?

Membership Questions

Who can be a member of Nashville VOAD?
We mainly offer services to the community during times of need, can we still apply to join?
What documents do I need to become a member?
What is Charity Tracker and why does my organization need to sign an MOU?
If I was a member last year, do I need to renew this year?
How can I learn more or become a Nashville VOAD Member?
Who can be a partner of Nashville VOAD?

Nashville VOAD Members